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Here, we bring the ultimate adventure activity for you! Our diverse Skydive Dubai packages offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to indulge in one of the world’s most exciting adventure sports. Whether you’re a daredevil or someone who wants to test your adventure limits during your Dubai holidays, choose our Tandem Skydive flights and feel the absolute rush of free-fall at a speed of more than 120 miles / hour. So what better way to appreciate Dubai’s iconic marvels across the Palm Island, JBR Beach, and Dubai Marina?

With the most advanced equipment and parachutes (maintained as per the strict Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards) at your disposal, you can be assured that you’ll be well taken care of all through your exhilarating Skydive experience. Following an effective briefing and explanation by a certified Skydive instructor, you’ll board the plane from our drop zone at the Palm or Desert Campus (near Margham), while being immaculately suited up with harness, helmet, goggles, and jumpsuit.

As the aircraft soars and reaches the perfect altitude of about 13,000 feet, it’s time to exit the plane. Experience the spine-chilling free-fall for full 60 seconds, just before your instructor pull the chord and deploy the parachute. In a rare situation if your instructor is not able to activate the parachute, you needn’t have to worry as AAD (Automatic Activation Device) will do this job for you. This allows you to unworriedly experience the absolute quietude of gliding along the air and take in unremitting aerial views of Dubai’s fantastic sights every direction.

Your adventure comes to an end as you safely touch down the ground. You can return home with memories of a lifetime and don’t forget to collect the fabulous pictures and videos as a keepsake of this splendid adventure.

Why should I go for this?

• It’s the ultimate activity in Dubai to realize your dream of flying.
• Conquer or overcome your fear as you jump off the aircraft from an exhilarating height of up to 13,000 feet.
• Experience free-fall for full one minute at 120 miles / hour.
• Treat yourself with the most unparalleled and unobstructed views of the palm-shaped island, JBR Beach, etc.
• Select one of these two locations for your aerial adventure of a lifetime: the Palm Drop Zone or the Desert Drop Zone.
• With the most advanced safety measures plus a certified instructor always by your side, it’s an absolutely safe activity.
• Flexibility to choose from two skydive options: Gyrocopter (the Palm) and Tandem Skydive (available both in the Palm and the Desert).
• Finally, take home the fantastic pictures of your extraordinary air-borne adventure.


a) Enjoy Tandem Skydive from a whopping height of 13,000 feet
b) Free-fall for 60 seconds at 120 miles / hour
c) Get incomparable views over Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands and other main sights of Dubai
d) Accompanied by an expertly trained instructor
e) Pictures and videos of Skydive experience
f) Top-notch safety measures provided


1. Weight & BMI
• A minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is an indicator of this.
• Skydive Dubai requires each tandem customer to meet both, the weight and BMI requirements listed below. These are the equipment’s manufacturer’s requirements and we cannot make exceptions for safety reasons.
• Weight: 90 kg/198 lbs or less
• BMI: 27.5 or less
• Weight: 100 kg/220 lbs or less
• BMI: 30.0 or less

Please note, our staff will weigh you (with your shoes and clothes on) when you check-in on the day of your skydive.

2. Age

• You must be 12 years or older (according to the Gregorian calendar) on the day of your tandem skydive. Please bring a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport) on the day of your skydive.
• If you are between 12 to 17 years of age, you will need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian on the Parent Consent Tandem Waiver. It is required that the same parent or legal guardian accompany you on the day of your skydive. Please note, you will not be allowed to skydive if they are not present. Additionally, your parent or legal guardian must also carry a valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport).
• If you are 70 years old or older on the day you skydive, kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at our location. The form must be completed and must be signed and stamped by your doctor.

3. No drugs or alcohol

• Skydive Dubai has a zero-tolerance alcohol and/or drugs policy. There must be no alcohol or drugs in your system 24 hours before your skydive.

4. Medical conditions

If you suffer from or have previously suffered from any of the conditions listed below, kindly download and fill out the Declaration of Fitness form (point 6) prior to your arrival at our location. The form must be completed and must be signed and stamped by your doctor. This is essential for both your safety and the safety of your instructor. If you do not follow these instructions, there is a chance your skydive could be cancelled. Please contact your doctor in case of any queries.
• Epilepsy
• Fits
• Severe head injury
• Recurrent blackouts or giddiness
• Disease of the brain or nervous system
• High blood pressure
• Heart or lung disease
• Dislocated shoulder or other limb(s)
• Recurrent weakness
• Diabetes
• Mental illness
• Drug or alcohol addiction
• Any past or present medical conditions
• If you are pregnant you should not skydive.

5. No scuba diving

• Please avoid scuba diving at least 24 hours prior to your tandem skydive.


1. What time to arrive

The time mentioned in your booking confirmation email is your arrival time, it is not your skydive time. If you selected a slot of 10:00 am, please arrive at 10:00 am. Additionally, please plan to spend between three to four hours, (i.e. from the time you check-in till the time you collect your USB), at our location on the day of your skydive.

2. What to bring

• A filled and signed copy of the Tandem Waiver form (also available at our locations, if required).
• A valid and official government photo ID (Emirates ID, driver’s license, passport).
• Your gift certificate, if using it.
• A completed and stamped Declaration of Fitness form if you are 70 years or older, or if you have or have had any medical conditions mentioned in the list above.

3. What to wear

• Please dress suitably and comfortably for your skydive and be respectful of the local culture and sentiments.
• Athletic, comfortable clothes are advised; t-shirts/tops must have sleeves.
• Sneakers or sport shoes are ideal for your skydive. Please make sure your shoes don’t have any buckles or studs on them.
• Not allowed: Low-cut tops, sleeveless tops, collared shirts, crop tops or short shorts.
• Not allowed: Sandals, boots or heeled/platform shoes of any type.
• Customers are advised to remove any jewelry, watches and other accessories before their skydive. These can be placed in the free personal lockers at our locations.
• Every customer will be given protective eye goggles to wear during their skydive. So, if you need to wear prescription glasses or lenses during your skydive, please do so. You don’t want to miss that view!

4. Weather

• Skydiving is a weather-dependent sport. High-speed winds, poor visibility, rain (yes, it is known to happen in Dubai) and low clouds, are just some of the reasons that can delay, or even cancel our skydiving operations.
• In case of bad weather, our team will announce a “standby”, which means we have to put our operations on hold. Regular announcements will be made updating you on the conditions while you wait at our locations.
• If the weather shows no signs of improving and we have to cancel operations and you cannot reschedule for the next available date, you will receive a refund.
• While we always do our best to communicate operational changes, Skydive Dubai reserves the right to close our dropzones without any prior warning. In this case, our team will contact you by phone or email to cancel or reschedule your skydive.
• Skydive Dubai is not liable for any costs (travel, stay, etc.) incurred by the individual in the instances mentioned above. Please visit our Sales & Refund Policy for information.

5. Reservation/waitlist

• Given the popularity of tandem skydiving in Dubai, we suggest you book your skydive in advance. If you are a tourist and are visiting Dubai, we advise that you schedule your skydive for the beginning of your trip in case it needs to be rescheduled due to bad weather. Reservations must be made through the live booking calendar on our official website.
• If you haven’t booked in advance, you may show up when our locations open and put your name on the daily waiting list. Please note, this list is on a first-come-first-served basis and there are no guarantees you will get a turn. It depends on the day’s bookings and scheduling.

6. Request for a female instructor

• Our female tandem instructors are some of the best in the world. If you’d prefer to skydive with a woman for cultural or religious reasons, please tell us when you check-in for your skydive. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request as it depends on staffing and availability on the day.
Please note, if you have a tandem booking for our Desert Dropzone please contact our staff at least 48 hours prior to your skydive.

7. On-site facilities

• Free WIFI is available at both our dropzones. Our locations also have an on-site café selling food and refreshments.
• Visitors are welcome to sit on the outdoor deck at our locations and watch skydivers land.
• Skydive Dubai does not provide daycare or child supervision facilities. Young children must be supervised at all times.
• Sorry, but we do not allow dogs on the premises.

8. Refund policy

• The deposit is refundable in the case of bad weather.
• We cannot issue refunds for (examples, but not limited to):
• Not meeting our age or weight/BMI requirements.
• Not showing up on time.
• Arriving under the influence of drugs/ and or alcohol.
• If you’ve been scuba diving 24 hours before your skydive.
• If your weight/BMI exceeds our health-and-safety requirements.

9. Pictures and video

• Every tandem customer will be accompanied by a camera flyer capturing every moment of the skydive. A tandem package at both our locations includes photographs and a standard edited video of your tandem experience. Customers can purchase a special Instagram video edit at our Palm Dropzone for an additional fee of AED 100.
• While our camera flyers are highly trained and use the latest equipment, given the nature of the activity if the camera equipment does (on the rare occasion) malfunction or there is a technical glitch that is beyond our control, the incident will be escalated to Skydive Dubai’s management for reviewal and the customer may be eligible for a refund of AED 200 only (i.e. price of the photos and video). Please note, the decision of the management team will be final.

10. Locations & hours of operation

Palm Dropzone: Al Seyahi street, Mina Seyahi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• September 2019 to May 2020: 10 am to sunset, open from Sunday to Saturday.
• June 2020: 9 am to sunset, open from Sunday to Saturday.
• July 2020 to August 2020: 5 am to noon, open from Thursday to Tuesday, closed on Wednesday.
• September 2020: 9 am to sunset, open from Sunday to Saturday.
• October 2020 to December 2020: 10 am to sunset, open from Sunday to Saturday.

Desert Dropzone: Located outside Dubai, on E66 (Dubai-Al Ain road), near Margham, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• The dropzone is open from 8 am until weather permits. The manifest window is open at 8:30 am, with the first take-off scheduled for 9 am. The dropzone is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed every Monday.
• All times listed are GMT+4, and operations will continue with weather permitting.

For bookings and availability, please call +971 50 841 6669 or send email to [email protected].

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