SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Introducing SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, a groundbreaking marine life theme park nestled within Yas Island. This remarkable destination marks the region’s inaugural venture into the world of aquatic wonder. As you step into its gates, you’re greeted with an immersive blend of entertainment, education, and conservation efforts, all set against a backdrop of mesmerizing marine environments.

Immerse Yourself in Captivating Marine Realms Navigate through eight intricately themed zones, each offering an enchanting encounter with a multitude of marine species. At the heart of it all lies “One Ocean,” a 360-degree spectacle that weaves stories of the profound connections shared by life on Earth and beneath the waves. Traverse the “Abu Dhabi Ocean Realm” to uncover the rich marine biodiversity of the Arabian Gulf. Embark on a journey into the “Rocky Point” of the Pacific West and delve into the Arctic’s ecosystem and lifecycle in the aptly named “Arctic” realm.

Discover the Enchantment of Antarctica and a Grand Aquarium Venture into the icy embrace of the “Antarctica” realm, where temperatures are meticulously maintained at a chilly one degree Celsius. Here, witness the captivating lives of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic penguins as they playfully navigate their frozen habitat. Prepare for a breathtaking experience at the “Endless Ocean” realm, home to the world’s largest aquarium. A haven for over 68,000 underwater denizens, this expansive exhibit showcases a stunning array of marine habitats, including rays, sharks, turtles, and vibrant schools of fish.

Embark on Unparalleled Aquatic Thrills and Educational Journeys Each corner of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a unique blend of marine exhibits, shows, and immersive experiences. Depending on the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi tickets you secure, you can be enthralled by pearl diving performances, engage in captivating sea lion interactions, and witness the intelligence of dolphins through engaging presentations. Moreover, an array of exhilarating rides awaits, including the thrilling “Arctic Hypersphere 360°” and captivating rides within the “Microocean” realm. Yet, this park goes beyond mere attractions; it’s a beacon of sea life conservation and protection. As the MENA region’s inaugural Global-Humane-certified facility, it extends an invitation to partake in meaningful marine preservation initiatives.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Key Highlights

  • Dive into the enigmatic marine universe within the UAE’s pioneering marine life theme park, boasting the planet’s largest aquarium, a remarkable expanse holding an impressive 58 million litters of water.
  • Embark on an awe-inspiring journey amidst a staggering assembly of over 68,000 aquatic inhabitants. Traverse the sprawling 180,000-square-meter complex spanning five levels and encompassing eight distinctive zones.
  • Unveil captivating domains that unveil the compelling tale of ‘One Ocean,’ symbolizing the intricate and profound interconnection binding the world’s oceans and all life on Earth.
  • Indulge in pulse-pounding rides, engage with interactive attractions, cross paths with vibrant characters, and be captivated by a stunning array of over 100 shows and experiences seamlessly blending entertainment with captivating marine motifs.
  • Explore its enlightening sections, including the unprecedented Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue Yas Island, a pioneering initiative in the region.
  • Elevate the excitement of your excursion with its strategic location on Yas Island, which also houses iconic attractions such as Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi, ensuring an unparalleled spectrum of thrills and entertainment.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Tour Inclusions

  • Entry ticket to SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Tickets
  • Access to eight realms
  • Up-close encounter with over 68,000 marine counters
  • Entry into rides, shows, and attractions (subject to the ticket choice)

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Tour Exclusion

  • All personal expenses spend for shopping, drinks and dining etc on-site during the tour.

Important Information

  • There will be no refund for unused or partially used services.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • ATMs, Prayer rooms, Baby changing and feeding facilities, smoking areas are located on the Plaza level.
  • Valet parking, Lockers, and Strollers are available on extra charges at the venue itself.
  • The service provider holds no responsibility if any component of an attraction is non-operational due to technical reasons.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing food and drinks into the Park.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Ticket Prices

  • Ticket Price: AED 375
  • Child 4-10 years: AED 320
  • Child 0-4 years: Free

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi – Best Offers & Tickets

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