Magical Morning With Balloon Flights

Magical Morning With Balloon Flights

Make some prized memories on your Dubai visit with this Magical Morning Balloon Flight. It allows you to experience a peaceful and picturesque hot air balloon ride that lifts you up to an altitude of over 4000 feet.

Float across the sky quietly and smoothly as you enjoy the breathtaking desert sunrise views up close and see the untouched landscape of the well-kept Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve from a sky-high perspective. The ride lasts for an hour and includes refreshments, a flight certificate, and optional roundtrip hotel transfers.

What to expect:

Magical Start of the Day

Get ready to give a refreshing start to your day as you reach the launch site before dawn. Watch or even get involved with the expert crew who prepares the flight by inflating the giant colorful balloon using motorized fans. Once the balloon is completely spread out and the burner is ignited, it is all set to rise into the sky. Listen to a brief safety instruction from your pilot and then hop on to the basket for a thrilling yet relaxed air-borne adventure.

Float Over Dubai Desert

Ascend into the heights as your basket gently glides along the morning breeze and reach an elevation of over 4,000 feet. Fly over the unspoiled Dubai Desert where the sands stretch to infinity, and further soak up the fresh air and pristine serenity that envelop the region. Besides the unobstructed views over the plant and wildlife species that thrive in the region, it lets you catch the surreal desert sunrise views, allowing for some captivating aerial snaps.

Safe Wrap Up & Flight Certificate

Following the tranquil ride that lasts for not more than one hour, you will drift down to the landing spot in the most exhilarating yet safest way possible. Relish tea and coffee and eventually return with a flight certificate that commemorates this ethereal adventure in Dubai.


  • Feel the magical sensation of floating in the sky at sunrise on your hot air balloon ride.
  • Watch the rising sun changing the colors of the desert from an unrivaled standpoint at a height of over 4000 feet.
  • Enjoy unparalleled 360 degree views over the immaculately preserved Dubai Desert as well as the indigenous flora and fauna that occupy it.
  • Be surrounded by nothing but pure bliss and calmness on your approximately one hour ride.
  • Relish tea and coffee at the launch site and take home flight certificate signed by your pilot.


  • One hour Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Desert Sunrise Views
  • Flight Certificates Signed by Pilot

Important Information

  • Location Address: Balloon flight operation facility, SkyDive Desert Drop Zone – Dubai
  • Please carry a valid ID (Passport/Any Govt. ID) proof along with you. (Without any valid ID passengers are not allowed to fly)
  • Weight eligibility criteria: Max 119 kg
  • Pregnant Woman will not be allowed to fly.
  • Children less than 5 years of age & Anyone more than 85 years of age will not be permitted to fly. (However, the Pilot is fully authorized to make a decision in regard of eligibility of any passenger)
  • Anyone under the influence of Alcohol or any other drugs is strictly not allowed to fly.
  • Any person who has a Serious Heart problem / serious knee & back pain/broken leg/arm has undergone major surgery during the last 6 months and suffering from height phobia is not recommended for this activity.
  • Disabilities covering mental health and emotional / Physical disabilities are not allowed.
  • Also, all passengers will need to sign the declaration that he/she doesn’t have the above problems (Mandatory).
  • Due to the strict Rules and Regulations of the UAE’s Government regarding drones, we do not allow drones flying during flight.


  • Tickets will be mailed separately, once the booking has been done. You can call or WhatsApp on +971 50 841 6669 too, post-purchase of tickets.

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