Legoland Water Park

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Add a distinct splash of adventure, excitement, and innovative invention to your water park experience in Dubai! With DSK Travels, set out to delve into the amazing world of Legoland Water Park, offering more than 20 immersive rides and slides exclusively for families with kids aged from two to 12 years.

A fun-filled section of the enormous Dubai Parks and Resorts and located close to Legoland Dubai Theme Park, this one-of-a-kind family water park has everything to ensure an imaginatively action-packed day. Glide and slip your way along its amazing rides as well as slides including Splash Out and the six-lane Slide Racers.

To enthrall your toddlers, there is DUPLO Splash Safari, complete with four mini slides and life-sized Lego characters. Alternatively, its exclusive fun playground, Joker Soaker, has something to delight all preferences. For thrill-seeking kids, attractions like Red Rush and Twin Chasers are second to none.

Want to try something creative with your little ones? Let your tiny tots work with Lego bricks to build their own raft and enjoy a personalized ride. You can even make it an absolute family amusement by joining all your family members to create your own boat.


  • Spend a whole day at LEGOLAND Water Park inside Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • Enjoy its 20 plus rides designed for families with kids aged 2-12 years
  • Experience the utmost thrill with its rides such as Splash out and Slide Racers
  • Let your toddlers make the most of DUPLO Splash Safari with fun-filled mini slides
  • Treat yourself with a personalized ride by building your own raft with LEGO bricks

Please check the availability of the ticket and tour prior to the booking, you can call +971 50 841 6669 or send an email to

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