Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour

Discover the captivating interiors of the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab, with an exclusive Inside Burj Al Arab ticket. This unique opportunity allows you to explore the opulent surroundings without the need for a full stay. Embark on a fascinating journey through the grandeur of this iconic hotel, from its expansive atrium to the lavish Royal Suite, all in a guided 90-minute tour.

What to Anticipate?

Buggy Ride & Unforgettable Photo Moments

Commence your experience at the Inside Burj Al Arab ticketing lounge, located at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Climb aboard a comfortable buggy that will transport you to the hotel via the private island’s bridge road. Along the way, make brief stops to capture stunning photos against the backdrop of this architectural marvel.

Discover the Hotel’s Extraordinary Wonders

Upon arrival at the hotel, an Emirati host will greet you in traditional style with rose water and hand towels. Engage in fascinating tales about the hotel’s inception and its visionary ruler, which set the stage for its creation two decades ago. Begin your exploration in the vibrant lobby before entering the breathtaking cavernous atrium, an architectural wonder adorned with water features and a vibrant array of colors.

Explore the Crown Jewel – Royal Suite

Ascend to the 25th floor through a panoramic glass elevator and step into the magnificent Royal Suite. Be prepared to be awestruck as the doors open to reveal a residence that epitomizes luxury. Every room, bathroom, and amenity is meticulously designed with the finest materials. Experience the epitome of opulence as you observe ‘his’ and ‘hers’ suites, relax on the rotating bed in the master bedroom, and admire the bath area adorned with exquisite marble tubs and 24-carat gold tiles.

Engage with the Experience Suite & Visit UMA Lounge

Step into the Experience Suite, where a fusion of digital interactives and authentic architectural sketches provides insight into the creative minds behind the hotel’s design, architect Tom Wright, and designer Khuan Chew. Immerse yourself in the process that brought this magnificent structure to life. Indulge in Arabic coffee and dates and participate in an immersive dining encounter. Take a glimpse at the hall of memorabilia, featuring treasures like David Coulthard’s F1 car and Olympic medals. The tour concludes at the UMA lounge, offering a serene setting to admire the expansive waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Experience the epitome of luxury and architectural brilliance with the Inside Burj Al Arab ticket, an exclusive journey into the heart of one of the world’s most iconic hotels.

Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour – Highlights

  • Admire Burj Al Arab’s architectural grandeur and get a taste of the regal Emirati hospitality on this exclusive 90-minute tour.
  • Enter some of this legendary hotel’s most prestigious sections whose access was earlier reserved only to its premium guests.
  • Gain a detailed look inside the Royal Suite – one of the world’s most expensive suites.
  • Enjoy the chance to stand in the largest atrium, further take in the digital interactives at the Experience Suite, and mostly, gain entry to UMA lounge with the sweeping views over the Arabian Gulf.
  • Capture iconic pictures against the jaw-dropping backdrops.

Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour – Inclusions

  • Inside Burj Al Arab ticket
  • Butler guided tour of the hotel
  • Welcome by Emirati Host

Inside Burj Al Arab Tour – Ticket Prices

  • Adult: AED 245
  • 3 yrs to 12 yrs: AED 95
  • 0-3 years: Free
  • Inclusions: 90 min Burj Al Arab tour, Tour Guide

Tour + Soft Beverage at UMA Lounge – Ticket Prices

  • Adult: AED 295
  • 3 yrs to 12 yrs: AED 245
  • 0-3 years: Free
  • Inclusions: 90 min Burj Al Arab tour. Soft beverages at UMA Sunset Lounge to choose from Juices, Soft Drinks, or Mocktails – No Energy Drinks

Tour + Gold Cappuccino at UMA Lounge – Ticket Prices

  • Adult: AED 390
  • 3 yrs to 12 yrs: AED 195
  • 0-3 years: Free
  • Inclusions: 90 min Burj Al Arab tour, Tour Guide, Gold Cappuccino beverage at UMA Sunset Lounge post your tour

Guided Inside Burj Al Arab Tour – Best Offers & Tickets

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