1. Cancellation & No Show Policy
1.1 Cancellation
  • Kindly note that each and every Tour Activity, Attraction and Hotel has its own cancellation policies, we request you that before booking any activity with DSK TRAVELS, client has to read cancellation policy of that particular tour.
  • Tourist Visa fees is not Refundable once payment done at DSK TRAVELS website.
1.2 NO Show Policy
If you fail to turn up for the tour, no refunds in part or full can be provided. The same condition applies in the case of unused tickets, sightseeing tours, car-rental or chauffeur-driven services. Likewise, rescheduling cannot be allowed for confirmed tours, transfers to and from airports, and other travel related services.
2. Cancellation Procedures
Prior to making cancellation , we recommend you to carefully read the cancellation rules that apply to your tour package. For cancellation of all or any part of your reservation, make sure that you make notification of cancellation to DSK TRAVELS in writing. Upon receiving your cancellation request, we´ll let you know through e-mail, fax or telephone regarding the confirmation of booking cancellation as well as the fee that should be paid. DSK TRAVELS cannot be held responsible for any cancellation that has not been received from you or not confirmed by us.